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Compliance Training:
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FMANM Health Care

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2016 Programs

February 17 — The Human vs the Internet Touch— Business Pros and Cons

March 16 — How School Facilities Impact Education

April 16— 2nd Annual Poker Run and Car & Bike Show

May 18 — NFPA 70-E Update

June 17— Isotopes Baseball

July — Annual Scholarship Golf Tournament

August 17— Writing (and Interpreting) Good RFP's- Communication 101 for Facility and Sales Folks

September 21— Fire Protection Basics

October 28 — FAB O&M Show

November 16 — The Roofing and Building Envelope Cage Match

December 21 — Holiday Social



  • Receptionist/Sales Assistant
  • Manufacturing Electrician

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  • Clarie Shay Miller
  • Harold Oliver Madsen

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Board of Directors


Tom Plummer, P.E.
Director of Health Facilities
Albuquerque Area IHS
505-248-4262 (ofc)
505-288-6982 (cell)

Vice President

Selby Lucero
Facility Manager
Sandia Laboratory Federal Credit Union


Lori Gunnare
National Roofing Company
W 505 883 3000 
C 505 252 2707
F 505 883 1719

Dave Jensen
R.E. Michel Co.
505-239-5721 cell


Kevin Givens
The Johnston Co.


George Jimenez
Mary Beth Hames
Compliance Analyst (RIMS)
PNM Resources, Inc.
505.241.4417 (Office)
505-448-6710(cell) MaryBeth.Hames@pnmresources.com
Mike Chavez
Account Manager
Ace Asphalt
Micaela Sandoval
Account Manager
Moving Solutions
Kellie Gleaton
Staffing Solutions

Executive Director

Carolee Griffin
505-377-5309 cell


Web Master

Roy Evans
505 577 4145



The Human Touch:  How Technology
Has Changed Your Business Outreach

Patrick Gabaldon is the Membership Development Manager for Nusenda Credit Union. Patrick has over 21 years of banking experience with various local banks in the Albuquerque and Rio Rancho area along with development and fundraising for United Way of Central New Mexico. He has been with Nusenda Credit Union for three years. Patrick has taught Community Based Instruction for APS, is an alumni of the University of New Mexico, and a firm believer in the power of education. 

 Plan now to join the Facility Manager Association of New Mexico at an informational breakfast meeting at 7 am on Wednesday morning, February 17th, at the Garduno's Uptown Restaurant in Albuquerque, NM, to receive important information on "Human Interaction Without the Human".  Some of the presentation topics Patrick will review include the pros and cons of each type of interaction, how generations react to each interaction, and a discussion of how to apply different techniques in your own individual everyday worlds.

The Internet has changed many of the industry standards over the last 10 years, and today there is a growing opportunity to replace face-to-face interactions with computerized interactions. Customers no longer call their service providers or suppliers with questions about their account. Instead, they'll go online, dial in to an automated phone line, or send an email or chat via the internet. The answers to their questions are usually found, but the missing human thread has an inevitable impact. The integration of technology in our everyday world is "the way things are moving". We cannot assume that all technology is good or bad for business.

      Again, join us to learn how to move with the times, but still hold on to the successes of the past.  Reservations are always required but first time facility managers are always free. Register and pay by credit card online at www.fmanm.com   Cost for members is $30.00 and non-members pay $35.00.

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Poker Run and Car/Bike Show Scheduled for
Saturday, April 16th, 2016:  Get Ready to Roll!

The Facility Manager Association of New Mexico does it again!   On Saturday morning, April 16th, 2016, the rubber will hit the road as we ride and drive to raise funds for our scholarships at UNM and CNM in a fun and interactive event.

What is a Poker Run?  Quite simply, it is a type of road rally where participants start at a common point and then travel to several additional intermediate destinations, finishing at a predetermined destination within a specified period of time.  Along the route, participants draw cards and subsequently are awarded prizes for the best (or worst) hands as they arrive at the final stop.

To top that, how about a Car and Bike Show to showcase that piece of rolling art that you have invested so much in?  Let's do it!  Vote for yourself to win!  All money raised supports our scholarship funds.

Who:  Members and guests of FMANM are invited at attend but the community in general, family and friends are all encouraged to participate.  This fundraiser is open to all driver's license-holding bike and car enthusiasts.  All makes and models from Hondas to Harleys and Mercedes to Mack are invited to participate.    Variety is the spice of life!  Roll out your restored classic or new 2016 Camaro!  Everyone is welcome; put the kids in the convertible and join us.

When:  Saturday morning, April 16, 2016.  First vehicle out at 10 am; last vehicle out by 11 am.  Final destination must be reached by 1 pm.  The rally is not about speed: safe riding and driving are key. Riders and drivers may take any route they chose between stops and may make the checkpoints in any order, but they must be at the end of the run to check in by 1 pm.

Where:  Start at The Hotel Cascada, 2500 Carlisle Blvd., Albuquerque, NM, to register and receive the map of the stops.  Intermediate stops are being determined but will stay within the city limits.

Cost:  Your first hand is $30.00; subsequent additional hands cost $10.00 each.  Entry into the Car and Bike Show is included.  To vote for a vehicle in the Show, you may purchase tickets for $1.00 each; money raised goes towards the scholarship funds at UNM and CNM.

Poker hand awards for high, 2nd and low hands will be awarded as will prizes for the Car and Bike Show. 
Want to help?  Contact Carolee to man (or woman) a table at a checkpoint.  Help me register folks at the beginning, work a check in point, or help access the hands at the finish or collect tickets for Car and Bike Show votes.  Let me know what you can add.

Get ready to roll for a great cause.  See you in April! 


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Personal Safety and Firearms Training
Discussed at January Meeting

Members and guests of the Facility Manager Association of New Mexico gathered in January to hear information on personal safety both on and off the job from the Savvy Shooter's Twila Donaldson.  Self protection and awareness of one's surroundings dominated the interactive dialogue as attendees weighed in and shared their views on concealed carry, active shooter strategies for facilities, and the "refuse to be a victim" mindset.  

 "The message here is that society has changed and  only good guys with guns can stop bad guys with guns," she said. "Being prepared and being comfortable with a firearm is a good place to start.  Proper training from someone who understands your goals is essential."  Beyond firearms protection, she also talked about techniques for self-defense that almost anyone can implement.

FMANM President Tom Plummer shared his experiences in taking his daughters to training for firearms safety.  "Not only  is shooting a great family sport, obviously it is a skill which provides a level of confidence which could come in handy", he said.  "Better to be prepared!"        



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Welcome Our New Board Members!

Mary Archuleta with Relevant Solutions has been involved in HVAC and building controls for 25 years and has experienced everything from the demanding Sandia Laboratories contracts to the world-wide reach of Johnson Controls.   In her own words, "I love the importance of the mission that the Facility Manager Association promotes, helping students with technical scholarships join our community.  Just being a part of this team that brings this to our community through education and also the fun activities that FMA supports---golf, baseball, the October trade show—is an amazing opportunity for me.  I hope to be able to introduce many of my customers to this exciting group and look forward to contributing to this team which has already accomplished so much good!  

Kellie Gleaton with StaffingSolutions/ResourceMFG  is a 2013 graduate of the University of New Mexico.  She has volunteered at the FMA golf tournament for the last 5 years and has assisted at the annual FAB O&M Show for as long.  She is as a staff performance manager for her company and works onsite for one of the Albuquerque's biggest manufacturing clients where she over sees recruitment, onboarding, payroll and employee relations for contract employees.  "I look forward to encouraging other facility managers to take advantage of membership in FMA for their own professional development, as well for the opportunity along the way to help add money to the scholarships at UNM and CNM which are so very important."  

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Letter From the Vice President Tom Plummer

Dear Facility Manager Folks,

2016 is already looking like it will hold a lot of promise.  The Facility Manager Association of New Mexico has a great mix of informative presentations, food, fun activities, and networking opportunities on tap.  If you are not yet a member, please consider doing so.  Develop mutually beneficial business relationships, take advantage of FMANM function discounts, and help us provide scholarship funds to students enrolled in facility related trades.  Get information and expert assistance managing your facilities in a way that will please your employer and improve your own performance.

I have been active in the local facility management scene since 2007 and my FMANM partners have proven to be an invaluable asset for me, time and time again.  For the last two years I have been your Vice President, and as of this month I will be stepping up to fill in for George Jimenez, as President, with Selby Lucero, as Vice President.   Fortunately, our Executive Director, Carolee Griffin and our Board of Directors do the 'heavy lifting'.  I am honored to serve this organization, and really enjoy being shoulder to shoulder with such a great Board.
As with my 'day job', as a healthcare facilities engineer, I believe in the mission of FMANM.  Promoting the facilities management profession, and helping young people who will become future facilities staff, is a worthy cause, of which I am proud to be a part.

Looking forward to seeing you throughout 2016!

Tom Plummer, P.E.
Director for Healthcare Facilities
Albuquerque Area Indian Health Service

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Letter from the VP Selby Lucero

As a Facility Manager, I have come to learn that tools and qualified staff are critical to the process of maintaining a facility in good working order.   Our days are filled with all sorts of tasks and issues to deal with, making each day challenging and unique.  Problem solving, paying invoices, prioritizing work, purchasing supplies, working with vendors, providing customer service and managing technical staff are just a few of the tasks that come immediately to mind.  Weather issues, emergencies and disasters can dramatically change the course of our day in a heartbeat!

As a Facility Manager for over twenty-four years, I have discovered that your people help pull you through to get the job done, effectively and efficiently.  In order to manage a facility, many sorts of individuals with various skills and abilities are necessary.  Trades people, engineers, architects, contractors, suppliers and vendors are all part of the maintenance and operations process.  It is so important to develop relationships with these folks,  and preferably before "the rubber meets the road".  These people, found in many industries and trades, are critical to your success, because you never know when you will need to call upon their expertise.  Groups such as the Facility Manager Association of New Mexico are vitally important to help a Facility Manager develop these relationships.  I urge all fellow Facility Managers to find time to become a part of the wonderful networking community afforded us all by FMANM. 

As the Vice President of FMANM, I sincerely welcome you all to come together in order to help sustain and maintain our New Mexico facilities!  FMANM can aid us all to become better at what we do and in the process, we can help grow our industries by helping grow talent at CNM and UNM.

Selby L. Lucero, RA
Facility Manager
Sandia Laboratory Federal Credit Union


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2015 Facility and Building Operations & Maintenance Expo
Deemed a Success by Exhibitors and Facility Managers Alike

Suppliers and facility professionals converged on The Hotel Cascada in October to share resources and information at the 2015 FAB O&M Show.   Free food, fifty dollar gift cards, and a Halloween theme set the stage as facility and building operations and maintenance folks visited with their current and future suppliers.

Facility Manager Bob Schumaker from the hotel stated, "I set four appointments to meet this week with suppliers I met at the show. I will need these folks for upcoming service issues.  FMA provides a great service by putting on this show.  It brings new suppliers and facility mangers together."

Micaela Sandoval from Moving Solutions enthused, "I came away with five solid appointments."   Chief Engineer Victor Marquez with Allegiance Realty Corporation commented, "I found that folks were willing to take the time to discuss their products and services in unhurried detail."  Coronado Center's Senior Operations Manager Richard Harding found time to attend and brought several of his key staff members to enjoy the show.

Selby Lucero from Sandia Laboratory Federal Credit Union and Brandy Smoots with All American Restoration both agreed with Facility Manager Association of New Mexico President George Jimenez that the spirit of friendliness and cooperation made the event unique.  The trade show was jointly sponsored by FMANM and the FMANM Healthcare Committee.

2015 Suppliers Showcase Feedback Questionnaire

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Friends of Civic Plaza

From: Jose Garcia <jgarcia@albuquerquecc.com>
Date: September 10, 2015 at 4:24:24 PM MDT
Subject: please share and become a friend!

Hi! Please consider becoming a friend and helping spread the word as we celebrate Civic Plaza's transformation into a great community space and work to build the vision of what it can be! Thank you!


José García
General Manager
Albuquerque Convention Center
Direct: 505-768-3876
Mobile: 505-573-0757

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Attention Healthcare Facility Managers
Or Any FM who Needs Compliance Training:
Here is a Resource 

The New Mexico Environment Department (NMED) Hazardous Waste Bureau conducts hazardous waste inspections at hospitals, pharmacies, as well as other types of facilities.  They offer their services to conduct free training concerning managing hazardous waste at hospitals and pharmacies.  Having recently conducted inspections at several hospitals, they have found the majority of them to be out of compliance.  Their aim to provide this training to large audiences spreads the information more quickly than individually inspecting each hospital/pharmacy.

But beyond healthcare, NMED believes they might be able to target some training for other diverse and various types of facilities.  Compliance assistance is a key component in their program and keeping facilities in compliance makes the job a lot easier. 

Need more information to start this discussion? Contact Janine Kraemer, CHMM, Hazardous Waste Supervisor for the New Mexico Environment Department, 2905 Rodeo Park Drive East, Building 1,Santa Fe NM 87505 office  505-476-4372, or email to janine.kraemer@state.nm.us  or connect with Facility Manager Association’s vice president, Tom Plummer with the Indian Health Services at thomas.plummer@ihs.gov

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