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February 21, 2018: APS’ John Dufay and Puerto Rico Rebuilding

March 21, 2018:  Legislative Update

April 18, 2018:  How to Prioritize Deferred Maintenance

May 16, 2018:  Latest Solar Trends

June 2018:  Albuquerque Isotopes Baseball, Wednesday June 13th

July 27th 2018: FMANM Scholarship Golf Tournament,

August 15, 2018:  How Your Restrooms Affect YOUR Facility

September 19, 2018: BEER! CNM Brewers Science Tour

October 2018:  FAB O&M Show TBA

November 21, 2018:  SECURITY! Now What?

December 2018:  Holiday Party, TBA



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Tom Plummer, P.E.
Director of Health Facilities
Albuquerque Area IHS
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Vice President
George Jimenez
Facilities Manager
Nusenda Federal Credit Union


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National Roofing Company
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The Johnston Co.


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Ace Asphalt
Micaela Sandoval
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Moving Solutions
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Facility Build
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Outside Sales

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Carolee Griffin
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Roy Evans
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Monumental Rebuilding in Puerto Rico:
APS' John Dufay Will Provide Eye-Witness Account

As Albuquerque Public Schools Maintenance and Operations Executive Director John Dufay assessed schools ravaged by hurricanes in Puerto Rico, he found himself both heartbroken and inspired.

In an interview first aired last November on KOBTV, Dufay commented: "The devastation was unbelievable. But the thing is, none of the people there that we met and talked to and ate with and everything else, ever took themselves as a victim. And none of them ever felt sorry for themselves. It was just like, 'Hey, we're moving on -- whatever it's going to take.'"

Per the KOB interview, Dufay served on a team with the Council of Great City Schools to assess existing school structures and decide whether they were safe for students to return to after hurricane damage in Puerto Rico. Dufay said Puerto Rico Secretary of Education Julia Keleher knew staff and families were eager to get kids back into classrooms but wanted to balance that desire with safety and to make sure that the bar for acceptability wasn't set too low.  The team trekked across the island, analyzing the structures of buildings and making tough calls about what should happen next.

At the end of December 2017 over half of the residents on the island do not have electrical power.  "We'd be asked the question, 'Why do we need electricity?' Well, that's something we think is important. But to them, it's 'No it's not. We have an open roof. We have walls. But as long as it's not raining, what does it matter?'"

"It's their ticket out of poverty," Dufay said. "It's not a ticket out of Puerto Rico. It's this ticket to the next step. They're so proud. They want to stay there, just a lot of people are trying to survive."

In some cases, Dufay and the team had to make the assessment that schools just weren't ready to reopen. But sometimes, they were. But the drive to make sure kids are able to keep up comes from an importance placed on education itself.

Join your friends and business associates with the Facility Manager Association of New Mexico at 7:00 am on Wednesday, February 21, 2018, at the Garduno's Uptown Restaurant to hear a fascinating, personal accounting of Director Dufay's journey to assess and assist with other facility managers in a monumental quest to evaluate and resurrect their critical infrastructure after a devastating natural disaster. Reservations are required but FIRST TIME FACILITY MANAGERS ARE ALWAYS FREE.  You must rsvp online by Monday, February 19th at www.fmanm.com where you can pay with your credit card.  Cost is $30.00 for members and $35.00 for non-members. Plan today to hear this distinctive eye-witness accounting of the aftermath of Hurricane Maria.

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Advantages, Challenges, and Rewards
Of Historical Facility Preservation
Explored at January Meeting

Members and associates of the Facility Manager Association of New Mexico gathered in January to get the details of the processes needed to preserve, rehabilitate, restore, and reconstruct historical sites.  "I love history and I love to help folks get through the regulatory processes  to sustain these treasures," commented speaker Karen Van Citters, principal of Van Citters Historic Preservation. 

She advised that the first step is to identify your potential funding sources: federal, state, or local resources may all be available.  She then discussed how a building qualifies for the national historical register criteria. However, "One ill-advised change can destroy the historical significance of a building.  Look for the least impactful method when implementing changes," she continued.

"Preservation has the goal to protect and stabilize the facility.  Then, about 95% of rehabilitation projects involve the Americans with Disabilities Act mandates for building access while striving to preserve the historical aspects of the structure.  Next, restoration must preserve the building in a way that is true to the era in which it was constructed. And finally, reconstruction must be preceded by in-depth analysis of the facility infrastructure.  What can be retrofitted?  What has to be replaced?" she explained.

Need help with your project or just want to read more? Here is a link to her presentation.

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January Executive Director's Corner

It seems the Facility Manager Association of New Mexico has an exciting line-up for the 2018 agenda!  If you missed the January program, we explored advantages and challenges of restoring and repurposing historical buildings.  Miss the show? A link to the presentation is here.  Next up, another giant home-run hitter is at bat:  John Dufay, Executive Director for the Albuquerque Public Schools Maintenance and Operations department will talk about his humanitarian mission to help people still struggling with the devastation which wreaked havoc on Puerto Rico.   Next, our March 21st program will explore the critical impact of the latest legislative session in Santa Fe and how the voting outcomes will impact our economy today and our economic development into the coming years.

But wait, there's more!

How do you prioritize your deferred maintenance? Get tips and tricks at our April 18th meeting.   And our storied, infamous Scholarship Golf Tournament will be held again this year at the beautiful Isleta Eagle Championship Golf Tournament on Friday, July 27th, 2017.  Start planning now to field a team, sponsor a hole, or sponsor the whole event!

Alive and thriving! See you this year at all of the FMANM programs.

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New Year’s Reflections from
the FMANM Board Members

George Jimenez, Facility Manager, Nusenda: In our busy schedules in Facility Management and Maintenance, there never seems to be a shortage of the next reactive emergency that we are called upon to solve. Our FMANM Board members make our daily facility challenges better by providing a lot of our Supplier related answers. As a Board member over the years I have come to depend on all of you to basically help get it done. Beyond this, we need to reflect at not only this time of the year on those less fortunate but to always realize that there is someone in need out there. I personally wish to convey my thanks to all of you for just being a phone call away. Feliz Navidad y Prospero Ano!

Kevin Givens, Sales Engineer, The Johnston Company: I have held the title of secretary since 2010 and I am glad to schedule our Board meetings, document and publish meeting minutes, and assist with all of the monthly program meetings and fund-raising events. Through my “day job” at The Johnston Co., I am also a corporate member of FMANM, a sponsor of the annual golf tournament, and exhibitor at the FAB O & M Show. For 2018, I hope to increase FMANM’s contribution to the CNM / UNM scholarship fund by helping to contribute to a meaningful lineup of program speakers and fund-raising events that members find valuable and educational—events that members say to themselves “I can’t miss that!” Thank you for your support and your business!


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CNM Foundation letter of appreciation


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Attention Healthcare Facility Managers
Or Any FM Who Needs Compliance Training:
Here is a Resource 

The New Mexico Environment Department (NMED) Hazardous Waste Bureau conducts hazardous waste inspections at hospitals, pharmacies, as well as other types of facilities.  They offer their services to conduct free training concerning managing hazardous waste at hospitals and pharmacies.  Having recently conducted inspections at several hospitals, they have found the majority of them to be out of compliance.  Their aim to provide this training to large audiences spreads the information more quickly than individually inspecting each hospital/pharmacy.

But beyond healthcare, NMED believes they might be able to target some training for other diverse and various types of facilities.  Compliance assistance is a key component in their program and keeping facilities in compliance makes the job a lot easier. 

Need more information to start this discussion? Contact Janine Kraemer, CHMM, Hazardous Waste Supervisor for the New Mexico Environment Department, 2905 Rodeo Park Drive East, Building 1,Santa Fe NM 87505 office  505-476-4372, or email to janine.kraemer@state.nm.us  or connect with Facility Manager Association’s vice president, Tom Plummer with the Indian Health Services at thomas.plummer@ihs.gov

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