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Facility Fire Systems
Examined at September Seminar

Golf Tournament

Compliance Training:
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FMANM Health Care

Upcoming Events Calendar

2016 Programs

October 28 — FAB O&M Show

November 16 — The Roofing and Building Envelope Cage Match

December 21 — Holiday Social

2017 Programs

January 18 — The Internet of Things

February 15 — John Dufay and APS Facility Challenges

March 15 — How Vibration Analysis Saves Money

April 21 — 3rd Annual Poker Run and Car & Bike Show

May 17 — The Skilled Labor Crisis

June — Isotopes Basebal

July 28 — Annual Scholarship Golf Tournament

August 16 — ABQ Sunport Project Updates

September 20 — Site Visit: TBA

October 27 — FAB O&M Show

November 15 — Micro Breweries: Facilities and Science

December 20 — Holiday Social


  • Building Maintenance Technician

  • Office Portfolio Manager

  • Mechanical Maintenance Person

  • Quality Control Technician

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  • Clarie Shay Miller
  • Harold Oliver Madsen

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New Mexico Environment Department P2 Internship Program

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Board of Directors


Tom Plummer, P.E.
Director of Health Facilities
Albuquerque Area IHS
505-248-4262 (ofc)
505-288-6982 (cell)

Vice President

Selby Lucero
Facility Manager
Sandia Laboratory Federal Credit Union


Lori Gunnare
National Roofing Company
W 505 883 3000 
C 505 252 2707
F 505 883 1719

Dave Jensen
R.E. Michel Co.
505-239-5721 cell


Kevin Givens
The Johnston Co.


George Jimenez
Mary Beth Hames
Compliance Analyst (RIMS)
PNM Resources, Inc.
505.241.4417 (Office)
505-448-6710(cell) MaryBeth.Hames@pnmresources.com
Mike Chavez
Account Manager
Ace Asphalt
Micaela Sandoval
Account Manager
Moving Solutions
Kellie Gleaton
Staffing Solutions

Executive Director

Carolee Griffin
505-377-5309 cell


Web Master

Roy Evans
505 577 4145



2016 FAB O&M Show Scheduled for
Friday, October 28th at the Hotel Cascada

Sponsored By National Roofing

Mark you calendar TODAY for Friday afternoon, October 28th, 2016, at the Hotel Cascada for the ONLY trade show in New Mexico specifically for facility managers, engineers, building owners, and property managers.  Beginning at high noon and ending at 4 pm, here is the opportunity for one-stop shopping at a beautiful and fun venue where these folks and their staffs will see the latest and greatest in products and services that will make running a building a whole lot easier. 

Suppliers, commit NOW to showcase your company to a broad spectrum of decision makers from businesses ranging across the entire state. Facility managers, you get in free, and the ribbon on this package is your opportunity to win a substantial door prize for your attendance.

Here are the details:

Facility managers: Attend the show armed with a pocket full of business cards—plan ahead!  Your business card is your admission ticket.  Each exhibitor will contribute a gift card worth at least $50.00, and only facility managers or their direct reports--with their business cards-- will be eligible to win.

Suppliers:  Your cost for a 3’ x 6’ table space at the event is $450.00, plus your $50.00 door prize for eligible, card-wielding facility management only.  You may purchase more than one table, and access to the exhibit hall is from 8 am until 7 pm the day of the event with show hours from noon until 4 pm.

Website registration and more important logistical information for suppliers is available by logging onto www.fmanm.com and clicking on the tabs.  Payment with your credit card is online.

Suppliers MUST RSVP by Friday, October 7rd, to be guaranteed a table space.  All attendees will have access to the buffet snack table and cash bar.  Supplier sponsorships are available; contact carolee@fmanm.com for details!

Suppliers: Click here for all the details and logistics regarding setting up and running your presentation space.

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All Things Facility Fire Systems Related
Examined at September Seminar

Facility managers and their guests gathered in September to hear Mike Salazar, NICET Level 2 fire prevention and suppression engineer, as he spoke on facility fire system types, fire system inspection schedules, National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) manuals, fire system maintenance, fire marshal inspections, and required record keeping.  As a member of the National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies (NICET), an organization that was established in 1961 to create a recognized certification for engineering technologies and technologists in the United States, Salazar is a recognized local expert.  He represented his employer, Western States Fire Protection.

He began by detailing the types of fire sprinkler systems and then launched into fire alarm systems, clean agent systems, kitchen hood systems, and finally, fire extinguishers and fire sprinkler systems.
“Wet pipe sprinkler systems are the most common and require the least maintenance,” he said.  “Dry pipe sprinkler systems are used in areas subject to freezing but demand more required maintenance.  Finally, pre-action sprinkler systems are used in highly sensitive areas where you don’t want water.”
“Know your system inspection schedules.  Are they, as required by NFPA 25 & 72 mandates, inspected quarterly, semi-annually.  annually, or on a multi- year rotation?”

He detailed the basics of the basic wet-pipe suppression system maintenance.  “Be sure that sprinkler heads are clear of objects and have nothing hanging off of them and are not painted. Nothing should be stored within   18” of the head.   Note if the escutcheons missing. “Be sure that drum drips are drained as often as needed until dry, and then one more time,” he explained.  “Check your system anti-freeze levels before freezing and be aware of the weather.  When it comes to system air compressors, you must drain the water and check that the power is properly hooked in.”

Next Salazar talked about alarm systems. “Two types are common: addressable and conventional,” he said.  He detailed inspection schedules according to NFPA 72, Chapter 14, which addresses quarterly sprinkler flow and supervisory devices, semi-annual visual and battery inspections, annual functional testing, and multi-year calibration.

How do you stay away from having to respond to troubles and alarms in the first place? “Clean smoke and clear fire alarm panel detectors yearly. Eliminate dirt in vents, mechanical areas, and other dirty environments. Replace batteries every 3 years and date them. Do not disconnect the phone lines and keep storage away from your fire equipment. Finally, don’t block pull stations or horn strobes.”

Next Salazar addressed the basics of “clean agent systems” including inspection schedules mandated by NFPA 2001 & 72, Chapter 7, and detailed semi-annual inspections, chemical levels and weight considerations, annual and functional testing. “Keep holes covered, keep ceiling tiles in place, keep alarm panels clear, and keep doors shut,” he said.

And what about kitchen hood inspections?  After he spoke on the inspection schedule according to NFPA 17A, Chapter 7, he addressed these basics. “Clean your hoods. Keep objects away from pull stations and keep an eye on the extinguisher.  Keep equipment in place. Do not move appliances around and do not add appliances. Watch the positioning of your sprinkler heads,” he added.

Next up: fire extinguishers. After commenting on inspection schedules according to NFPA 10, garden-variety advice included keeping an eye on your gauges, watching for low pressure, looking for missing parts, and paying attention to making sure these are not “laying around”: make sure they are mounted on secure moorings.  Then, keep clear pathways and be sure people can see the fire extinguisher signs: “If you can’t see them you don’t know where they are,” he added.

Finally, Salazar touched on preparedness for fire marshal visits.  What will officials be looking for?  “They pay attention to inspection schedule compliance and if they have been called out for false alarms.  Other items to watch out for are the general maintenance items, if electrical panels are clearly accessible, if exit lights and emergency lights are working, and if there are clear paths for egress.  The marshal will also ask for your report of inspections, and your attention to correction items.”

Hand in hand with inspections comes your record keeping.  “Maintain records of inspections and keep two copies, one on site and one off site.  Maintain records of corrections and have your corrected items listed.  If you use an independent inspection company, be sure that they maintain records, have backup files, and certificates of fitness.”  

How can you help when the marshal arrives?  “Know your monitoring.  Have account information and phone numbers handy.  When it comes to access, have your keys and escorts lined up.  Essentially, know your facility and the location of valves and panels,” Salazar added.  A link to his presentation is here.

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Click here for Power Point presentation

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Sixth Annual Golf Scholarship Fundraiser
Featured Happy Crowd, Door Prizes for All!

With 124 golfers and 11 helpers, the Facility Manager Association of New Mexico 2016 Scholarship Fundraiser Golf Tournament will guarantee a record donation this December to the scholarship funds at Central New Mexico Community College and The University of New Mexico.  Enjoying a picture perfect day at the Isleta Eagle Championship Golf Course,  golfers and golf helpers alike left the event with a door prize in hand.

Loyalty from the membership and its many supporters (both members and non-member companies alike) who believe in and support our educational initiative is the one constant factor in the annual event’s continued success.  Distinct contributions, both large and small, from countless companies and outstanding individuals personalized the gathering.

Again the trend to companies fielding multiple teams of golfers continued as they competed in the Championship Division to win the esteemed silver trophy.

Tables full of valuable door prizes mitigated even a bad day on the greens.  Power tools, a bicycle, restaurant gift certificates, camping gear, and loads of golf equipment and much much more left with the athletes after the post-game buffet.

“Christmas in July!” exclaimed Phill Jester with IntraWorks. “Once again this tournament is the best in town!”  

Slide show photos by Art Singer


2016 Door prize sponsors


National Distributing
Outta Control
Moving Solutions
National Roofing
Vallez Construction
Voss Lighting
Amerind Risk Management
Overhead Door Co.
Matheson TriGas

Travers Mechanical
Johnstone Supply
Uptime Mechanical
The Groundskeeper
Thyssen Krupp Elevator
Pumps and Service
Thunderbird Harley Davidson
Duke City Harley Davidson
Stoneface Tavern
Ace Asphalt
SMI Facility Services

Keenan Supply
General Mills
RE Michael Co.
Yearout Mechanical
Hotel Cascada
Cort Furniture
BNSF Railroad
Institute of American Indian Arts
Brian McPartlon Roofing
Bob’s Painting


Tournament Sponsors

Platinum Level Tournament Sponsor


Gold Level Tournament Sponsors


Silver Level Tournament Sponsors


Hole Sponsors

Whole Hole

Half Hole

Industrial Water Engineering

Keenan Supply
Sunland Asphalt
SMI Facility Services
Relevant Solutions  
General Mills  

THE JOHNSTON COMPANY underwrote the exciting HOLE-IN-ONE $10,000.00 prize on the course.



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CNM Foundation letter of appreciation


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Friends of Civic Plaza

From: Jose Garcia <jgarcia@albuquerquecc.com>
Date: September 10, 2015 at 4:24:24 PM MDT
Subject: please share and become a friend!

Hi! Please consider becoming a friend and helping spread the word as we celebrate Civic Plaza's transformation into a great community space and work to build the vision of what it can be! Thank you!


José García
General Manager
Albuquerque Convention Center
Direct: 505-768-3876
Mobile: 505-573-0757

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Attention Healthcare Facility Managers
Or Any FM who Needs Compliance Training:
Here is a Resource 

The New Mexico Environment Department (NMED) Hazardous Waste Bureau conducts hazardous waste inspections at hospitals, pharmacies, as well as other types of facilities.  They offer their services to conduct free training concerning managing hazardous waste at hospitals and pharmacies.  Having recently conducted inspections at several hospitals, they have found the majority of them to be out of compliance.  Their aim to provide this training to large audiences spreads the information more quickly than individually inspecting each hospital/pharmacy.

But beyond healthcare, NMED believes they might be able to target some training for other diverse and various types of facilities.  Compliance assistance is a key component in their program and keeping facilities in compliance makes the job a lot easier. 

Need more information to start this discussion? Contact Janine Kraemer, CHMM, Hazardous Waste Supervisor for the New Mexico Environment Department, 2905 Rodeo Park Drive East, Building 1,Santa Fe NM 87505 office  505-476-4372, or email to janine.kraemer@state.nm.us  or connect with Facility Manager Association’s vice president, Tom Plummer with the Indian Health Services at thomas.plummer@ihs.gov

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