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2017 Programs

April 22 — 3rd Annual Poker Run and Car & Bike Show

May 17 — The Skilled Labor Crisis

June — Isotopes Baseball

July 28 — Annual Scholarship Golf Tournament

August 16 — ABQ Sunport Project Updates

September 20 — Site Visit: TBA

October 27 — FAB O&M Show

November 15 — Micro Breweries: Facilities and Science

December 20 — Holiday Social


  • BCBSNM Position
  • Facilities Manager

  • Facilities Technician

  • Sales Rep for Armour Pavement.
    Asphalt Field Estimator  

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  • Clarie Shay Miller
  • Harold Oliver Madsen

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New Mexico Environment Department P2 Internship Program

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Board of Directors


Tom Plummer, P.E.
Director of Health Facilities
Albuquerque Area IHS
505-248-4262 (ofc)
505-288-6982 (cell)

Vice President

Selby Lucero
Facility Manager
Sandia Laboratory Federal Credit Union


Lori Gunnare
National Roofing Company
W 505 883 3000 
C 505 252 2707
F 505 883 1719

Dave Jensen
R.E. Michel Co.
505-239-5721 cell


Kevin Givens
The Johnston Co.


George Jimenez
Mary Beth Hames
Compliance Analyst (RIMS)
PNM Resources, Inc.
505.241.4417 (Office)
Mike Chavez
Account Manager
Ace Asphalt
Micaela Sandoval
Account Manager
Moving Solutions
Jessica Leyva
Facility Build

Executive Director

Carolee Griffin
505-377-5309 cell


Web Master

Roy Evans
505 577 4145





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Vibration Analysis, Dynamic Balancing, Precision Alignment:
Improve Your Bottom Line

Facility managers know that keeping mechanical equipment running in peak condition can be challenging and, if that equipment fails, a very expensive replacement bill quickly adds up.  Vibration analysis, balancing, and alignment can help predict mechanical equipment downtime, increase productivity, and improve your bottom line.

Join with the Facility Manager Association of New Mexico at 7 am on Wednesday morning, March 15th, at Garduno’s Uptown Restaurant in Albuquerque to hear important information on this topic. You will understand the importance of these critical procedures:

Vibration Testing:  Measuring and breaking down vibrations into individual components, making it possible to isolate bearing issues, motor electrical issues, balance issues, alignment issues, or resonant issues, leading to better predictive maintenance.

Acceptance Testing: Are you getting what you paid for? Test to see if your newly installed equipment is running as expected.

Dynamic Balancing:  This is the art and science of discovering the “heavy point” of a rotating mass and then determining the best approach to counter it. Learn why it is important to work with a company that conducts most of its balance work  on-site where the equipment is located.  This type of testing works on fans and blowers but generators and impellers can be balanced, too.         

Precision Alignment:  More than putting two rotating and opposed centers in angular and parallel alignment, aligning equipment reduces heat, saves seals, bearings, and energy.  It involves determining foundation adequacies, stresses and strains, and load from the duct or piping.

Our expert speaker Patrick Pickett with Kinetic Improvement is a veteran  who operates his own small business.


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Albuquerque Public Schools Facilities:
2017 Realities and Challenges Detailed

John Dufay is the Executive Director of Operations for Albuquerque Public Schools and, with his dedicated and talented staff, manages 151 building sites with 16.2 million square feet, 12 million square feet of roofing, $50,000.00 in utility costs each day with a 24/7, 365 days a year operating schedule, and 50 acres of turf areas in a geographical area just slightly smaller than the state of Rhode Island at 1250 square miles.

The members and guests of the Facility Manager Association of New Mexico listened as he spoke about his challenges and solutions before a packed house at the monthly breakfast meeting in February. He summarized past projects and future opportunities as APS takes on upcoming projects.

“Bottom line for me and all of my staff is that the students will not miss even one  day of school because of some facility related issue.  We do whatever it takes, whenever it is needed, and our 70-plus supplier support partners are on the same page with us.  Teamwork is the key,” he said.



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March Exec Director

Have you ever supported a Poker Run?  April is your opportunity!

The Facility Manager Association of New Mexico has added another social event to our yearly agenda, in keeping with our tradition of getting to know each other on a personal level and forming lasting relationships in this small community of facility managers and suppliers which make up our local market.   Come join us on Saturday morning, April 22, 2017, for an event which will be fun and also profitable for our scholarship funds.

Get your motor running and meet at the Thunderbird Harley Davidson dealership, 5000 Alameda Avenue, Albuquerque, NM (Alameda just west of I-25) between 10 and 11 am to pick up your registration sheet and map of the five poker chip drawing destinations.  Then head out on the highway to these five stops, pull into the parking lot, find the FMA table, draw your poker chip, and the FMA representative will record your draw on your registration. Hit all five locations and then head back to the dealership by 1:30 pm for food and drink specials, door prize drawings, and live music while we tally the results. 

Park your ride and take a chance on winning the Bike or Car Show!
Thanks to these suppliers whose locations we will hit on the run: Affordable Solar, RE Micheal Company,  Cort Furniture, Voss Lighting, and Nusenda Credit Union.

I NEED HELP!  Can you volunteer to help at a chip drawing location, help us register folks, or judge the car and bike show?  LET ME KNOW ASAP.

Click here to register ONLINE today to pay with your credit card ($30 per poker hand)   CASH ONLY the day of the run when hands go up to $35.00 each.  High hand wins $200.00 cash; second place $100.00, with prizes for the car and bike voted Best in Show.
Everyone is welcome: all makes and models from new to old or classic to clunker, friends and family members, other clubs invited.   LET’S RIDE!



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President - Tom Plummer

As I heard it recently said, the turn to a new year needs to be a balance of what we learned and experienced in the past year with what we hope to accomplish in the new year. Last year in FMANM afforded us the opportunity to learn about a broad range of topics: from security to Building Envelopes and from Facility Economics and Sustainability to the internet of Technology and Human Interaction! We got to experience another great Golf Tournament at the Isleta Eagle course as well as another Facility and Building Operations Trade Show!

But we at the Facility Manager Association of New Mexico are wanting to 'crank it up a notch' for 2017! We will be tapping into some local expertise to bring you some great presentations at our breakfast meetings and some more fun as we join together for another Car / Motorcycle Show and Poker Run! In particular we want to continue to
focus on our primary mission of supporting the tradesmen and facility professionals of the future. Thanks to the support of our members we are expecting to give another check to CNM so they can provide scholarships to students who are up-and-coming in facility related fields of study (don't miss our March 15th meeting). Also, we will have a CNM representative come share with us about one of their latest programs (Hint: it will directly contribute to one of New Mexico's fastest growing business sectors - Craft Brewing! Can anyone give me a ‘second to the motion' of field trip?

I would be remiss if I didn't thank the Board of Directors for their continued efforts and vote of confidence as they re-seated me as President of FMANM again this year, along with Selby Lucero as Vice President.

Finally, if you are not an FMANM member yet, please take that small step to build your business relationships and capture the great experiences you can have that will help improve your job performance. We make work more fun and productive! Put in you
browser favorites and join us for some educational and entertaining events in 2017!

Best regards,
Tom Plummer, P.E.
Director for Healthcare Facilities
Albuquerque Area Indian Health Service

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CNM Foundation letter of appreciation


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Friends of Civic Plaza

From: Jose Garcia <>
Date: September 10, 2015 at 4:24:24 PM MDT
Subject: please share and become a friend!

Hi! Please consider becoming a friend and helping spread the word as we celebrate Civic Plaza's transformation into a great community space and work to build the vision of what it can be! Thank you!

José García
General Manager
Albuquerque Convention Center
Direct: 505-768-3876
Mobile: 505-573-0757

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Attention Healthcare Facility Managers
Or Any FM Who Needs Compliance Training:
Here is a Resource 

The New Mexico Environment Department (NMED) Hazardous Waste Bureau conducts hazardous waste inspections at hospitals, pharmacies, as well as other types of facilities.  They offer their services to conduct free training concerning managing hazardous waste at hospitals and pharmacies.  Having recently conducted inspections at several hospitals, they have found the majority of them to be out of compliance.  Their aim to provide this training to large audiences spreads the information more quickly than individually inspecting each hospital/pharmacy.

But beyond healthcare, NMED believes they might be able to target some training for other diverse and various types of facilities.  Compliance assistance is a key component in their program and keeping facilities in compliance makes the job a lot easier. 

Need more information to start this discussion? Contact Janine Kraemer, CHMM, Hazardous Waste Supervisor for the New Mexico Environment Department, 2905 Rodeo Park Drive East, Building 1,Santa Fe NM 87505 office  505-476-4372, or email to  or connect with Facility Manager Association’s vice president, Tom Plummer with the Indian Health Services at

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